Megamind: Mega Team Unite (preowned)

Megamind: Mega Team Unite (preowned)

Nintendo Wii  |  Action
PG - Parental guidance recommended
Mild violence
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Product overview

When the Megamind movie ends, Megamind's story is just beginning! As he works to get the citizens of the City to embrace him as their Mega Hero, a sudden crime wave has hit. The Doom Syndicate & their Doom Goons have emerged and are bent on perpetrating evil. It is up to Megamind to take action and defend the City!

And now players can step into the role as Megamind and pick their way to play the Mega Hero with three unique game play experiences!

  • Join the Mega Squad! – Choose from 8 super-powered characters to create a 4-player Mega Squad!
  • Use Power Up Super Abilities to Battle Mega Villains – Take on the vilest villains, the Doom Syndicate, for insane megalomaniac battles!
  • 1-4 Multi-player Action – 1-4 players can join as the character of their choice with competitive, cooperative and team based modes