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Radial-G Racing Revolved

Radial-G Racing Revolved

PlayStation 4  |  Racing
R18 - Not suitable for people under 18
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Product overview

  • Single-player career mode.
  • 8-player online multiplayer.
  • 3rd person and 1st person (in-cockpit) viewpoints.
  • PSVR headset support (also playable in standard 2D).
  • 9 Tracks set in 3 environments.
  • 7 Ships with differing attributes (unlockable through player progression) x 3 speed tiers
  • 9 game modes (mixture of racing and combat modes).
  • 5 Weapon pick-ups.
  • Exclusive soundtrack featuring Delta Heavy & Utah Saints.

Climb into the cockpit of a futuristic race craft and tear up the anti-gravity track as battle commences with over 15 real and AI opponents. Offering single and multiplayer action, Radial-G delivers full immersion combative racing on tubular tracks featuring gut-wrenching twists, jumps, splits and unique inverted racing.

Mid Year Sale PS4