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PlayStation 4  |  Family
PG - Parental guidance recommended
Mild violence. Online interactivity.
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Product overview

From the award-winning independent developer Ready at Dawn Studios,  Deformers is a brand new, third-person smash ‘em arena combat game featuring fast and frantic gameplay. With a focus on multiplayer and online connectivity, players control “Forms” as they battle each other in fast-paced melee combat for supremacy.


Deformers takes place in arenas where players control “Forms” and battle in the quest to reign over other players. Deformers delivers unique, tactile game play for those who love to show off their skills, determination, and domination.

  • Conquer your opponents using Power-ups and your Form’s ability to roll, jump, dash, shoot, throw, and defend. 
  • Consume the remains of your defeated opponents and other objects in the world to become bigger and stronger. 
  • All skill levels can jump in and enjoy the simple game mechanics.
  • Multiplayer options provide a social setting for a group of friends to compete and have a great time.
  • Compete in Social Combat. Games are better when bragging rights are part of the experience.

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Destiny PS4